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Newcastle Physiotherapy & Case Management

Michael Graham, Physiotherapst
Michael Graham Physiotherapist
Welcome to Integral Health Support

Newcastle based physiotherapist, Michael Graham has extensive complex clinical experience extending from within the acute care episode through to supported, transitional and community based integration of rehabilitation and support. Clinical Experience comprises of service provision in Private and Public settings with multiple supporting parties including; NDIA, Medicare, CTP, DVA, LTC and iCare, Workcover and TAC.



Intervention, Therapy and Support will be client centred with transparent and client driven rehabilitation strategies. This includes supporting the people that support the participant ensuring our service is client focused.



Your targets will direct your therapy and results, which are achieved through professional support and self-driven and sustainable strategies.

Service coverage includes Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Nelson Bay and Central Coast areas.

Mobile:  0421 449 571


Physiotherapy Services covering complex Neurological, Orthopaedic, Vestibular and Severe injuries and Disability. 


Case mangement services for participants of Lifetimecare, CTP and iCare.


Consultation, assessment and intervention services, including participants of Lifetimecare, NDIA, CTP, iCare, TAC and Workcover schemes. 

Case Management and Consultation Service coverage extends to the Mid, Central and North Coast NSW

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